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CD | Mixed Genre
This week's grab-bag of what's in our heads and on our stereos. Thomas and Sam - I have included both of your submissions as both were rather good. So well done all - another successful collective effo …
CD | Dance - House
Shake, shake, shake senors and senoras (shake your body line)... Just a little dance / electro / pop mix, here, but hopefully one to get your collective feets tapping. Click the link above if tapping o …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
An alt-dj mix 'twixt myself and young Sam. The mix name 'Funk for Days' is of course taken from the title track, but also refers to the - ahem - sedate pace at which this was put together. Techy troubl …
CD | Theme
No reason for this apart from it was entertaining to put together. A little fluffy when set against some of the more studied efforts hereabouts, but there you go - buzzzzzz....
CD | Theme
Bit of a Ronseal mix this one - it does exactly what it says on the tin. I took inspiration from the title of this recent mix by Sam & Blasikin. No. 14 is a big old cheese-fest, but I love the way they …
CD | Mixed Genre
Hello all. I've been out of the loop for the past 10 days or so as I've been up in Edinburgh (my university town up until a couple of years ago). Apart from the fun of seeing old friends it was nice re …
CD | Mixed Genre
It has come to my attention that, in comparison to most mixers on this site, I do not have that rare gift of writing witty or informative liner notes. Hope you like the mix - do forgive my inability to …
CD | Mixed Genre
After about a year of silly ukelele chat, I've just given a ukelele (admittedly a cheap and from eBay-type one) to a friend of mine for her birthday. This mix is to accompany it. Whilst it was suppose …
CD | Electronic
I have a real taste for tunes with a beat and a bounce at the moment. I think it's something to do with walking through crowded London streets in the morning on the way to work. Not that the music par …