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CD | Mixed Genre
At a certain point, my year end mixes started being less about things that actually came out that year and more "autobiographical" - thus, this is mostly music that actually came out in 2014, with a fe …
CD | Single Artist
Some time ago, I read some music magazine's list of "heaviest albums ever", and somewhere on the list was the questionable, borderline trollish choice of The White Album. Granted, you could definitely  …
CD |
One of several mix cd's I'm making for a work environment. I've got a retail job that allows employees to choose the music being played over the speakers so long as it's profanity free - hence I've dec …
MP3 Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
A member of an online community I'm a part of had fallen ill, and it was secretly organized that we'd all send care packages to her. This mix was part of mine.
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
This is intended as part of a birthday present for a friend. There's a heavy basis in classic rock, eighties metal and the like, but I just wanted to make it a mix of songs I consider "epic" sounding.  …
CD | Theme - Narrative
A mix to be played on the 21st, when the world is supposedly ending. I tried for a loose narrative here - the first half is mainly about mankind learning about it's imminent demise, the second half is  …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
The rock club I intern at frequently "loses" the CD's it has for house music, so I'm making a few mixes with a consistent overall feel and donating them - this one is meant for nights when we've got a  …
Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
Inspired by a mix someone made with a similar format and put up on a community.
MP3 Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
Bob Colby is a long-time follower of (and participator in) the Boston rock scene - The Real Kids' "Do The Boob" was inspired by him, and saw The Modern Lovers in 1970, back when they were going by The  …
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