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Cassette | Theme - Break Up
this is a mix for the dear Vanessa.I won't spill the details of this, because it's not fair to her--but suffice it to say, this mix is to help her through a rough time in her life without making the so …
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme
so, this mix is being made to chronicle my journey of concerts in san francisco (or that will be in the general area) this year, starting with Guster and Maroon 5 at The Warfield in April. I put tracks …
CD | Electronic - Ambient
an introductory mix for my boy's friend Phil, to the weird land of...well, my ambient sort of music. something to just put it and let your mind wander. "A trip into your psyche!" I call it. this could  …
CD | Mixed Genre
being thoroughly unsatisfied with my first mix for John Thompson, I thought I'd give it another go--since two of the songs wouldn't even play all the way through. ugh! this is a much better effort!
CD | Mixed Genre
it may not seem like much, but this cd is responsible for keeping me in check during my trips back and forth between Sacramento and Monterey. Adam Bristor is entirely to credit for the Whiskeytown song …
CD | Theme - Romantic
for someone who shall remain nameless, to basically let them know how I feel...of course, via music. it is ever-so-slightly understated, I am sure and I couldn't pick the right Wilco song to save my li …
CD | Single Artist
I'd circulated this mix around to a few people, but first made it for my mom. this is now what's keeping me from going insane after an unexpected trip home and sickness once again. god bless Jeff Tweed …
Cassette | Single Artist
a basic intro for Zach (perlmunkee) to the lovely Rasputina. now granted, I only have three albums that are recently acquired, but I thought he'd enjoy this tape. I'm in the process of moving (AGAIN!)  …
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