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CD | Theme - Depression
it's really the aftermath of a lot of things in rapid succession. this might seem like a "self pity, cry-in-your-beer" type mix, but it's not intended that way. this is the culmination of an abrupt and …
CD | Mixed Genre
the latest mix for my dad. I know there are WAY too many covers on this mix, but oh well. I think it sounds pretty damn good. and it's distracting from the monotany that is work. title from "Dance Musi …
Cassette | Theme
So, I was looking through my stack's my CD's in their spindles the other day, and thought it would be fun to pick an album from each stack and play the first track off of it on Side A, and the second t …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
I don't know. It just fit my mood. And it sounds pretty tasty.
CD | Theme - Romantic
the mix to celebrate me and my boyfriend's six month anniversary, which is the weekend before Christmas. this mix accompanies another secret gift for him which is two tickets to see Jeff Tweedy in San  …
CD | Mixed Genre
wow, so it's been a long time since I posted anything! it's been one crazy summer. so while this mix is for my mom (I haven't made her one in months), it's also a sort of end-of-summer celebration mix  …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
so this is the playlist that was made for me this past weekend. it's heavy on the Wilco, because these are my favorite songs by them and the rest were picked by someone very special. (The Decemberists  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
something in the works that coincides with a poem I wrote. (the tape and the poem share the same title) I realize putting Songs:Ohia and Neil Young on the same mix is somewhat of a cardinal sin--or at  …
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