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CD | Single Artist
the title is somewhat false; I did not include material from Colin's former band(s) Tarkio (I copied their full length for him) & Happy Cactus, but Michael mainly requested b-sides/rarities by The Dece …
CD | Mixed Genre
the latest mix for my mom. I know it's heavy on the Colin Meloy, but it's just what I've been listening to/obsessed with as of late. title is from The Shins track. many thanks to Joe Gillis for some of …
CD | Mixed Genre
I just needed to let loose, you know? and this is my way of doing so. plus, it was a good excuse to use what I think is the best track off the new Decemberists' album 'Picaresque'. hehehehehe. hence th …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
in order to celebrate the close inception of spring, I decided to arrange all of the mp3's I had on my hard drive into a mix. they all came from various places--some AOTMers here deserve credit due to  …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is for a friend that serves as both a sampler of my recently favorite stand-out tracks and as a reflection for how I've been feeling lately. I wanted to introduce him to Songs:Ohia, hence the two  …
CD | Mixed Genre
the latest in the seemingly never-ending series of mixes for my mom. I went with some old, safe favorites (Keane, Wilco, John Lennon) and then some more experimental artists (Bright Eyes, Death Cab, Id …
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