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CD | Theme - Break Up
surely posting a romantic mix and then a break-up mix doesn't make any sense, right? well, this mix took a lot longer to compose because of its recent nature. this could be seen as another ubiquitous b …
CD | Theme
the tiresome first disc of two of my Best Of '04/New To Me series. this probably looks very repetitive and/or predictable, but what can ya do? disc two will be posted soon. even with two cd's, I had to …
CD | Mixed Genre
this was the result of an assignment my eldest brother gave me during christmas--to make a mix cd (or two) to play at his bar/bistro. what resulted was a combination of what we listened to in the car d …
CD | Mixed Genre
a new mix for the lovely Zach, as requested by him. kind of random, I know but I think it works. :) happy belated thanksgiving everyone! <3.
CD | Mixed Genre
I should've dubbed this "Jeff Tweedy madness!", because he shows up on four of these songs.(sorry, I'm still on a Wilco high after the concert this week!) yet another stab at a mix for the mom. I was f …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
the challenge here was to use songs I'd never, ever used before on any other mixes. I'm hopefully going to give this in a mix swap on Livejournal. enjoy!
CD | Mixed Genre
the latest mix for my dad, with much thanks to Edward (lostinthemix) for one of the mixes he sent me. title is from "Wings". sorry for the repetition of artists, but these are just songs/artists I thin …
CD | Mixed Genre
sorry for posting two days in a row, but I'm out of a color ink cartridge and so I can't use my cd covers program yet! this is the latest mix for my mom. title comes from the billy bragg track. I hope  …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
every track but #2 came from Epitonic.com. this mix is going out to some people by the end of the month, so if anyone wants one let me know! :)
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