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CD | Mixed Genre
a revised version of a mix I made awhile back for my best friend, taking off the original repeated songs and adding three other songs at the end. I used "Cathedrals" since I thought it served as a good …
CD | Theme
a mix for a little group swap I'm doing with some fellow AOTMers. (the theme is fall mixes, obviously. or songs that you recently discovered.) :) enjoy!
CD | Theme
I finished the songlist for my Soundtrack mix, and I wanted to post it to see if it makes sense to anyone else. I have to send it off before the end of the month, and hopefully I'll get some money this …
CD | Mixed Genre
I skipped vol. 4 because it was basically a bunch of songs by Massive Attack and Matthew Ryan interspersed with a few other artists. these songs were generously given to me by Emilio (silentperfection) …
CD | Theme
a mix I'm sending out to a couple of you AOTMers at some point. title is from the Wilco track. I know putting an Uncle Tupelo song AND a Jay Farrar song is kind of redundant...
CD | Mixed Genre
continuing in the series of mixes. these tracks graciously came from Joe Gillis, Nick Isom, and Genn. I posted vol. II in my blog if anyone's interested.
CD | Mixed Genre
volume one of my mix project: take a pile of mixes I've received from various people here on AOTM and put my favorite songs off of them onto a series of cd's. forgive me for using a few weakerthans son …
CD | Theme
mix one of two for the lovely Alyssa (chongo). another disc to follow. a big thanks goes out to Michael K., Zach, and Emilio for some of these tracks. title is from the American Analog Set track. just  …
CD | Mixed Genre
for a dear friend of mine in europe, as a belated birthday present. I know it's a cardinal sin to use the same song on two recently posted mixes ("trains across the sea"), but it fit! these tracks have …
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