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CD | Mixed Genre
disc 1 of 2 for my summer mix series. this reflects both lyrically and musically how I've been feeling lately. and I believe that not all summer mixes have to necessarily be jubilant! but disc 2 is sha …
CD | Mixed Genre
during our last outing, my eldest brother complained to me how he was "out of the hip music loop" and wanted to have some more modern artists in his collection. this was my response to that. it sounds  …
CD | Mixed Genre
the official mother's day mix I gave to my mom awhile back. this is the final, revised version of something similiar I posted for her. I like this final product quite a bit!
CD | Mixed Genre
nothing particularly special here really, just mixing in the new with some of the old. title from the whiskeytown track. a bit lonely perhaps, but after having spent a week home for spring break, every …
CD | Mixed Genre
just a little something for some of the people I've traded with to expect during spring break.
CD | Mixed Genre
I don't know if any of you remember some of the mixes I posted for one of my ex-boyfriends Shawn, but this is just a cd of bands he's never heard that I think he'd like. just recently, we started talki …
CD | Mixed Genre
the latest mix I'm making for my dad. I used that DCFC track as per our discussion about what a pain living in California can be. (hence the title) I have to give a big thanks to michael k. for the Bri …
CD | Mixed Genre
yet another mix for my mom, since she seems to have taken a liking to my music. title is from "What Makes The World Like This?" by Whiskeytown. forgive the use of two songs by the same artist, but I th …
CD | Mixed Genre
the title of this cd is only temporary. I'm doing a blind mix trade with someone on livejournal, and this is the other mix I was going to make...but since I haven't made this one yet, I'd be willing to …
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