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CD | Mixed Genre
the second of two mixes for my LJ/AOTM friend Damian McVeigh in New Zealand. took a little break from the mix trading world, and now I've somewhat returned. big thanks goes out to steve tedoni, michael …
CD | Mixed Genre
a winter theme type mix for the best friend, as another late christmas present (her original gift isn't coming for a week). I know I've used some of these songs a lot, but I love the way it turned out. …
CD | Mixed Genre
most of the songs on here are from the I Am Sam soundtrack, and are beatles cover songs. I wanted to give my mom some new tunes to listen to, and used some always-loved artists like whiskeytown, ben fo …
CD | Country
the second volume of my 'alt-country' mixes, originally created for Dirk H. I'm also sending out copies to Charles B. and Adam B. I could make copies of it during christmas if anyone wants one. title c …
CD | Single Artist
basically this is the mix that emilio (silentperfection) had sent to me, except I used 16 of the 22 songs from his mix and added 'Johnny Go Riding' from another one of his mixes (the first DJ song I'd  …
CD | Mixed Genre
a celebratory mix of sorts, for when I go home for thanksgiving break...I'm hoping my best friend will let me make this using her burner, since I don't have one. (at least, not yet!) mostly upbeat tune …
Cassette | Country
Recently, I'd found myself itching to make somewhat of an 'Alt-Country' compilation using some of my favorite cd's from that genre.
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