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Cassette | Theme
a mini-tribute tape to the glorious elliott smith. this wasn't easy to put together, but I did my best. I combined songs that might've indicated how he was feeling, and then songs that I thought you we …
Cassette | Single Artist
As promised, this is the second volume of my Jeff Tweedy collection. (you can find volume I in my profile) I put it onto a tape first, namely to see how long the mix was total, and to see how it would  …
Cassette | Theme - Depression
my recent bouts with the flu have somewhat taken over me, mentally and physically...and this was a last resort. certainly this is only a temporary state of mind, but since I've been sick off and on for …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix I'm making for doverdog, for a trade we're doing...I'm not sure exactly how he'll react to this, but I'm hoping it's positive. the title is actually from "Styrofoam Plates" by Death Cab For Cutie …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
have I really lost my mix making abilities? well, this has no title and it's for superjess in a mix trade we're doing. I can't make this until this weekend, and don't ask about the song order...they're …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
this was very simple: I grabbed a few cd's from my car, (not knowing what they were) and cd's from my mom's mix and just pressed random track numbers. I'm offering this to anyone who wants it, but real …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix CD for Jefferson, on AOTM. through numbered conversations via AIM, we exchanged our requests for a trade and this is music he has not heard yet. I have a lot of time to revise this though, since  …
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