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CD | Theme - Sleep
a mix to cure my recent insomnia. nice, slow songs with soothing melodies. aahhhhhh. nighty night. love dosha
CD | Mixed Genre
a new mix for my new haircut. title from moldy peaches track. what a great song.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
a mix for fall (my favorite season). most songs are slow, and fun to sing to. yeah. love dosha
CD | Mixed Genre
this is a mix i made for my job. my coworkers call me "indie rocker" like it's an insult, or they are like "you are one of those punk rockers, aren't you" and for some reason that bothers me. so i made …
CD | Single Artist
part 2 of two. i like this one better. it is more mixy. i put touch on there twice becuase that is my favorite song, ever. i even carry around a copy of it in my wallet. because i am a bright eyes weir …
CD | Single Artist
part one of two in a dedication to my favorite person ever, conor oberst.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
this is a mix i just made for my best friend ever who is leaving for college on thursday while i stay here. most of the songs are my favorites, and a few are her favorites, like fleetwood mac, etc. but …