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Remember way back to the summer when you had a retirement account? When you lived in a house worth a couple hundred thousand dollars more than you do now? When you thought there might be a hope of payi …
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I love this game, I love The Dodgers. This is our year... I just know it. (Link provided just in case there are some Dodger fans out there.)
CD | Country
I've never been big on country music, but in the spirit of inclusiveness and stretching one's boundaries, I am attempting an alt-country mix. I admit that some of this is more folk or pop, but hey! I a …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
What makes something gutbucket music? A blue feeling, songs of loss and too much booze, gritty and real. What makes something hipster music? Beats me. But here is my interpretation of where the two mee …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Hello, AOTM'ers. Here is a mix I put together a few days ago and I liked it well enough to brave the posting challenges and share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy it.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
I am prone to going on tangents with music and lately I have been wallowing in folky indie and alt-country. As much as I love the achingly sincere and heartfelt, the doe-eyed emotion and the touching i …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
A group of songs that make my little indie heart go thump, thump, thump. It is hard to pin down what these all have in common - some are a little folky, some a little dancey, some fairly popular, some  …
CD | Pop
Retro Joe and avocado rabbit inspired me to look back at another snapshot in my life. No rules around the relative popularity or obscurity of the track, in this case. Everyone out there probably alread …
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Just for fun... :)
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