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Cassette | Mixed Genre
I made this for a friend in NYC whom I've made a couple of other mixes for. He likes the Firebird Band, and I'm pretty sure he'll like Grand Champeen, Richmond Fontaine, and Centro-Matic quite a bit, w …
CD | Theme - Romantic
This is a crush mix, after the crush was revealed and refused. It's not really about heartbreak because it wasn't that big of a deal, just kind of sad about the lost opportunity. I'm not a huge Ryan Ad …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
My roommate and I went on a road trip to Baltimore and back within 24 hours. I made this mix as the slow mix for late night coffee driving time.
CD | Theme - Depression
I had one of my first "wallowing" weekends in a long time, so I made this mix as the soundtrack for it. You know you're in trouble when the Nick Drake is the "happy" song.
Cassette | Theme
I made this tape for a friend who has recently moved to New York and had become a bit disaffected with ironic indie music... The themes guiding this tape are things that remind me of NYC and the power  …
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