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CD | Mixed Genre
a mix by the very great julie. posted here, cause i know i'll lose the list. <3
Cassette | Mixed Genre
title is taken from the local h mix appearing on the tape. seems i just can't stay away from certain songs when making new mixes. this is for heather. she requested the modest mouse, stp, the flys, boy …
CD | Theme - Depression
i viewed a ton of different (probably all) of the depression/break up mixes listed on the site, and choose the songs that got the most responses. except for o.a.r. which is on there for a reason. title …
Cassette | Theme - Break Up
a confused, pseudo break-up mix. a re-vamped version of 'all that can never be'. some songs are from his point of view, and some are from mine. and a few are just thrown in there cause they reminded me …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a 120 min. tape constructed for abigail. thought i'd be scraping for songs, but there were more i wanted to use! she requested eminem.. and i tried to fit it in... well, the key word is 'tried'.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
for simon: starting this mix, i had a theme in mind, but that went awry. the flow isn't right, but that's how it turned out.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a mix a friend had made for me. title doesn't fit with the track selections. but hey. ecclectic?
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a mix i made for josh. trying to impose on him a bit. really didn't know how to end it though.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
even though friendships fade, you might find a mix made for you by a long lost friend, and remember those memories that you had forgotten long ago. an interesting mix made for me by my best friend from …