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CD | Reggae
Subtitled "Skanking into Dreamland." My daughters were clamoring for something new to hear on their CD player at bedtime. They had tired of the usual Chet Baker, Vaughan Williams and Mozart selections  …
CD | Reggae
a mix for my raggamuffin daughters, ages 9 and 6 Route1
CD | Pop
(Mostly) Disposable pop for a (mostly) disposable summer day. for more info: "Well known in certain parts of Yorkshire!"
CD | Pop
It's a crash course for the ravers. For more information:
CD | Theme
I wanted to create a "warm weather" mix with a theme. This mix serves as a soundtrack for an imaginary film about a riot, styled after the Notting Hill Carnival riot of 1976. The opening tracks are mea …
CD | Pop
31. Johnny Carroll - Bandstand Doll * * * * * Some rockin' and rollin' tunes to usher in spring. HEAR ME! Some rockin' and rollin' tunes! Love that Blonde Bomber, Ronnie Dawson... http://erik1966route1 …
CD | Reggae
My first of two "spring mixes," this disc is intended to prove to some people at work that there is more to Jamaica's musical legacy than Bob Marley's "Legend" album. …
CD | World
My coworker could not understand how Indian film music could keep me warm all winter long. Here is my attempt to explain it to her.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Indie party! Wear Black! Stand alone! Downcast eyes! Mope like you mean it!
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