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CD | Theme - Romantic
for Jordan. (companion mix to Best Intentions)
CD | Mixed Genre
Another mix from the wonderful Jordan. Cheers!
CD | Mixed Genre
A gifted mix from my friend Jordan. I have a few of these songs, but I think that this mix lets me listen to them with all new ears. :)
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Another cover mix. I'm running out of covers! A lot more recent material, but I like it. Tell me what you think.
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Consider this a late Valentine's mix, as well as a list of some of my favorite covers right now. I know, there aren't any Beatles covers, but I do think some extraordinary songwriters such as Dylan and …
CD | Theme - Break Up
What would you think if someone wrote these songs about you? I don't know what to say about these songs, other than that they break my heart.
CD | Mixed Genre
I love live tracks, because, to me, if you give a great performance live, you're worthy of my time and energy. These artists have stunning, breathtaking voices that don't need all that studio productio …
CD | Theme
I love making theme mixes. That's both good and bad, but I love coming up with mixes that tie together songs that I love. This is a mix about crazy girls and the guys who love them, despite knowing bet …
CD | Pop
This mix isn't about being incredibly "indie" or running by genre. This mix is for my friend Irene, who's currently studying in Barcelona. We talk a lot, and it always seems that there's something wron …