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CD | Theme - Depression
I realize that a lot of my choices for this mix were singles, but they fit with the theme, so I'm rolling with it. The story behind this mix begins with my friend. I just kept reading her journal entri …
CD | Theme
I stared at my music library for a while, then I realized just how many cities are in song titles. Which brought me to think, I bet this has probably been done before, but why not make a big city mix.  …
CD | Theme - Narrative
This was a truly intriguing concept mix to put together. The main idea behind it is a conversation over the course of a relationship. It starts with photograph, which details brings all these memories  …
CD | Theme - Break Up
This was a raid on a good portion of the lesser-known artists in my collection. It's pretty much an emotional roller coaster that was caused by stupid boys and internal conflict.
CD | Theme
Taken from a 'meme': The Soundtrack of My Life Mix; the tracks are categorized as follows: 01) Opening Credits, 02) Waking-up Scene, 03) Average-day Scene, 04) Best-friend scene, 05) First-date scene,  …
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