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my myspace. yup. that's right.

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Just a random mix i made because i could. no reason really. but. i like it.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A mix I made for a friend. I needed a haircut, she needed a guestlist spot. GL+mix tape=awesome haircut. and. good times. Also, this mix is pretty random but I dug giving it a listen too. It's decent f …
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
Yup. here is the february mixtape. hooray for valentines day month time whatever. my girlfriend will be gone, so, I made this for her for whilst she is away. I like it. except young and sexy doesn't fl …

finaLPrayer's Last Three Favorite Mixes

MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
i like.
CD | Pop
Kind of a wild and crazy mix, I totally dig this one. I mean, i guess i need to hear it, but i know these songs fairly well and it seems like it works.

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