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I go through sporadic periods of fervently obsessing over mixes. Now is one of them. I also like black and white photography, German Expressionist silent films, and a good suit.

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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
"When you leave they will come, every feeling you ever trusted will come, confident of your return to the grey city that is your mother, that is your heart between beatings, that is our time on earth t …
Playlist | Experimental
This is a work in progress of a dark folk winter/solstice mix. Things may be added in the future, or changed around. Musical suggestions are more than welcome for this mix, as I'm only somewhat familia …
Playlist | Theme - Romantic
Remember having Valentine's Day parties in elementary school and making those boxes to put your cards in? I suspect maybe Morrissey didn't get many valentines as a lad. This was a mix I made for Valent …

gallifrey's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Alternative - Goth Rock

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