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Cassette | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
What it sez on the tin innit. Bhangra and breakbeat. Top link is 192, bottom one 320. Oh Chakk De Phattey!!!
CD | World
Sharif don't like it. He says its not kosher...
CD | Electronic
This is a revised version of 'Hamas Rules', which I wasn't happy with. It's a mixture of breaks and dubstep. WTF is that you may well ask? Listen/dl via the top two links, bottom one is a zip.
CD | Dance - House
It's good to be back! No pop ups warning me my P.C is at risk! I hadn't given up but it wasn't looking good for a while. Big Up to everyone who e-mailed me with links to mixes and kept me in the loop,  …
CD | World
Falafel's the one though, in pitta with salad. Lazeez! Top link's a 320 zip, bottom one's 192 and you can listen first. Curse these hackers, may God destroy their houses, these sons of sixty one dogs!! …
CD | Mixed Genre
One to listen to at a bus stop on the beach in the rain...
CD | Dance - House
These days a lot of breaks tunes don't really have breakbeats, which is a shame 'cos it was the drum patterns that got me into it, with the samples sounding like they were lifted from 'live' jazz and s …
CD | Dance - House
This is from November 2005, I'd just bought the first Lcd album and was quite impressed with how organic the programmed beats sounded. Evil 9 feature 'cos they share the Lcd love for cowbells. The jazz …
CD | Dance - House
You don't need my life story to enjoy this mix. It is a mix by the way, not a compilation.
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