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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
I've got plenty of mates who share Henry's views about dance music i.e "which came first,the shitty drugs or the shitty music?",so for all the Luddites out there here's a mix of 'real people playing re …
CD | Mixed Genre
You think he minds being called the Grandaddy of Punk? And will America have something to say to Morrissey come November?
CD | Mixed Genre
Bit of rock. Bit Of jazz. Bit of petrol in a bottle. And off you go...
CD | Electronic
This isn't a haterock mix,it's sort of a tribute to Steve Reich,the Godfather of all things 'minimal',after I saw him at the Barbican in London with Coldcut and DJ Spooky.Something to kick back to late …
CD | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
Enough guitars already.This is a mix of breaks and early dubstep.
CD | Electronic
Guitars. Beats. Bass. Some vocals. That's it really.
CD | Electronic
I like Dance. I like Rock. Purists can sit and swivel.
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