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a mix to listen to on days when it's rainy and you're feeling 'blah'. and yes, i do like really random music...
CD | Theme - Depression
I just found this whilst cleaning out my desk. It's my "late night depression" mix from last summer. The order is a bit off, but I think it's a pretty decent mix, albeit dreadfully depressing to me.
CD | Mixed Genre
I made this cd for my friend the first time she ever flew in an airplane last spring. Too bad she never listened to it until like, a week ago. Rah!
Cassette | Theme
recording drunk people is fun. putting them on cd is even better. heh. this isn't really a casette, but there's not enough room for me to list it as a cd. rah.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
this is a mix i listened to in the fall when i went home a lot on the weekends to visit someone. the first side i'd listen to on the trip home, getting all excited for the weekend when i could see him. …
Cassette | Theme
this is the mix i sent my best friend when she moved away for college. it's basically a whole lot of cheesey music we enjoyed over the summer, driving around late at night.
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
i know this seems like an extremely random bunch of songs with no flow or anything, but to me these songs will always remind me of september, right before i moved away for school. sigh.