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Mini-Disc | Mixed Genre
this is a mix i made for minidisc. this is a line from a film: DFC: To me, you say "pardon". Nah, fuck it. You say "pardon sir". Are you spoken for, are you vouched for, will someone verify that you're …
CD | Mixed Genre
has a few songs i've used before, a bit of a radiohead theme at the start, a few covers and a few classics. that four tet song is damn addictive, the vines song is better than i would have expected, sa …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is the sorta stuff im listening to at the moment. it reflects how i feel but not who i am. and the reason im posting it? well i guess its an ego thing. the reality is, or rather, my theory is, wha …

gumby's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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