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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Romantic
driving across the state w/someone incredible.
Cassette | Single Artist
(also included some solo gord.) my favourite band! side a was inspired by someone. side b was inspired by someone else. not really a 'best of'. just something to echo some feelings.
CD | Theme - Romantic
this is a mix for will, my best friend, boyfriend, and favourite person to unnervingly stare at. i love him a whole lot, even if he doesn't want to dress up like courtney and zombie kurt for halloween.
CD | Mixed Genre
for chad, who wants to hear bands he hasn't heard before, who just got his first car, who thinks most of the same stuff that i do is funny, and who has promising (if inexperienced) taste in music. i in …
CD | Theme
exactly that. mostly smooth sailing w/some synthy jolts thrown in for good measure.
CD | Mixed Genre
there's a theme in here, somewhere, i'm sure of it.
CD | Mixed Genre
it's good weather to go for walks in. and this is what i walk to.
CD | Theme
I'm fully aware that the last track has nothing to do w/actual blondes. It's just too good a tune to not close out the mix w/. Enjoy!
CD | Country
covers, traditionals, bent-genres; those bound (or already departed) for heaven, hell, the opry or mtv; let's all be country, just for a little while; sing w/me will you?