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heatherspace's Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
A lovely hodgepodge of jangly folk, mellow lushness, and sinister goth-tinged goodness.
CD | Electronic
From the metallic insiduousness of the opener, to the sparkling Caroline Lavelle centerpiece, through to the truly haunting Collide track -- an addictive slice of musical heaven. But when is a Blackadder mix every disappointing?
Cassette | Mixed Genre
As recipient of this mix, I am blessed! Blackadder has saved my soul! Okay, maybe not, but sweet lord, this mix is awesome. He's gotten me into Baxter, and not to mention this mix just flows beautifully. Lovely and atmospheric, and got me in the mood for electronic-flavored music again. So thanks, sir!
CD | Mixed Genre
I somehow neglected to add this mix to my favorites, so I am remedying the oversight. A mix I still pull out and listen to time and again.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
An astounding collection of songs, covering punk, both pre- and post-, with a few smatterings of New Wave and indie rock.
Cassette | Single Artist
A great collection of songs from a sadly overlooked band. You couldn't ask for a better introduction, even if it's missing "Already Yours." (Heh, heh.)
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
This nomination is actually for the entire six CD box set. Not only is the music top notch, but the entire concept and packaging deserves a big thumbs up. I would love to see more projects like this on AOTM.
Cassette | Theme
It's always great to see mixes of such lush loveliness posted to AOTM, and this is one of the best.
Cassette | Theme
A worthy companion to "ice in love" -- practically shines it's so crystalline. If Henry ever decides to make CD versions of these two mixes, I'd definitely be up for a trade.
CD | Mixed Genre
The Church, the Cocteaus, the Chams, the Comsats, Talk Talk, One Dove -- need I go on?
by valis
CD | Pop
The Longest Drink is not long enough -- like an orange-vanilla cream soda -- frothy and satisfying. Thanks, valis, for introducing me to a slew of artists I never even knew existed, let alone ROCK. This mix puts the sun in my mouth.
CD | Mixed Genre
Begins and ends with two songs guaranteed to make me weep. Fragile and lovely.
CD | Mixed Genre
I love going through the archives -- this is a stunning representation of deceptacon's good taste. Breathtaking from start to finish.
by Dom1
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This mix absolutely fucking SLAYS me. Eternal love and devotion for including Theatre of Hate and Southern Death Cult -- mwah!