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Cassette | Mixed Genre
it's for antonia; and golly whee, i actually finished it. siiiighhh, job well DONE. {g}
Cassette | Theme - Depression
an update on my old depression mix (back when i didn't have winamp and i didn't know what real music jelly was), "sometimes i eat tylenol to make me happy." a definitive mix (sorta) of what i listen to …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a nervousness mixtape for miss kari of nihon. just another general sylvia mix of whatever i dig up in my mp3s. the title has nothing to do with the tape, though it has an obscure reference to a certain …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a nervousness exchange for miss k. i say miss k because i don't remember how to spell her name. and i am drowsy also. i like this mixtape, actually. a little overboard on the ska... but i had to replac …
Cassette | Theme - Break Up
this is side b of my ground-breaking "in switzerland they study journalism and fashion design." however, on this side, i kick out the box (sorry patrick!) and i dedicate the whole 48 minutes to sk. bec …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
there's supposed to be a super (sub?) scripted 2 instead of "squared," but who knows how to make those things? this is a mixtape to miz stacey of nervousness.org of my favourite songs. there is a TWIST …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
diz b 4 ma homeboy ty widda lil help from ma grrrl denise. represent! we roool
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i made this for my friend laura over a whim. she is a huge fan of the foo fighters. however, with her not having any purpose to indie rawk out, i decided that maybe she should have some well-needed exp …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i made this little mother for miss dana. WHY IN THE WORLD DO I BUY 110 MIN TAPES. i so crazy.