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My favorite JoJo tracks excluding original ML recordings...because it's really apples and oranges. I couldn't say enough about this man. To me he is the most underappreciated, sincere, and uplifting ma …
CD | Theme
For my Dad, who after 37 years, retired Friday. He loved it and told me, "You know me so well it's almost scary." I was very proud.
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Go get yours! This is what I've been listening to for spending time outdoors and sun worshipping, which finally weather permits...this week.
CD | Theme
I am lazy and just wanted a bunch of my favorite songs of the moment on cd so it is laregly in alphabetical order. I named it Thee Underground Garage Mix because one can hear any of these songs on the  …
CD | Theme
Not Gidget's summer mix. I made this Summer of 2006, perhaps reading it will warm your winter heart and give you hope of seasons to come. I repeated a lot of bands, but it couldn't be helped, because t …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is indeed a mix I made and liked at some point during the spring of 2005. Track 12 is a mystery.
CD | Mixed Genre
This was a mix given to me in the Fall of 2004 by one of the first and best friends I made at college. These songs seem really representative to the time to me, maybe it's just me. A lot of indie bands …
CD | Mixed Genre
This started out just me telling my boyfriend songs I wanted on a cd, since I didn't have a burner then. Some of the songs were good at the time, some were always bad, and a few are still good. I don't …