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CD | Single Artist
CD | Single Artist
I have a friend who never heard any Magnetic Fields, so obviously I had to make her a mix CD. I couldn't pick a small enough subset of songs to go on one CD, so it was a double CD set.
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Just another random mix CD for a winter trip...
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Yet another random roadtrip mix, featuring a lot of songs & artists that I haven't listened to in a few years.
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix CD made for someone, but never delivered.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Labor Day weekend roadtrip mix!!! The impetus to make this tape was to include the "Title Track" from Realistic's album "Private Moments". I also tossed in a bit of everything from about the past 10 ye …
Cassette | Theme
Inspired by The Onion article of the same name, I threw together a mix of Japanese pop and rock for the trip home for X-mas. Not as well-formed as I would have liked, but there's some good stuff here.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Another miscellaneous mix for a friend, influenced heavily by listening to WFMU archives.
Cassette | Single Artist
Guess who has the four-volume Bob & Ray tape library? This mix made for an appreciative friend who somehow missed the Bob & Ray NPR shows they ran about 20 years ago.
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