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CD | Mixed Genre
My first day off in a month and there are just too many good summer tunes to celebrate a lazy day on a sunny back porch. I grew up with these and they remind me of summer. Some cheesy goodness, I know.
Cassette | Theme - Sleep
Having trouble sleeping lately, so I'm trying to rebuild this cassette as a playlist. Am missing the Armatrading tracks, and a few of the side B tracks. So, guess I gotta hold onto the cassette a littl …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Dug out some old tapes, and I think this one was my very first mix tape. Can you guess the year?
CD | Mixed Genre
A birthday gift to my Nina Simone loving friend, Aparna. Guilty pleasures, each and every one, particularly with a gin and tonic and company.
CD | Theme - Romantic
Again, so many options when making a mix for Valentine's. This one (not so subtly) hopes to get lucky. Therefore it must start with Al and end with Barry. And yes, it has multiple Prince tracks in it.  …
CD | Theme - Romantic
So many options for valentine's. These are my picks for 2006.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A cassette mix I made back in '92 (or '93) that I still love. A collection of old romantic classics mixed up with some other oddities I was listening to then. Side A was called "Easy on the Ears" and S …
CD | Theme
I created this as an extra treat for my secret Santa recipient, and burned a copy for myself.
MP3 Playlist | Theme
It's not depression, it's not romantic, and it's not breakup. It's just plain and simple heartache. It also flows pretty well as car karaoke for my hour-plus commute.