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CD | Mixed Genre
my latest mix. this is a slightly darker one. the arcade fire track is the first official single from their upcoming album "neon bible." to hear preview another new track from it, go to my website www. …
CD | Mixed Genre
i am in the midst of an odd hermit/hibernation stage and i made this mix to soundtrack my melancholy-with-a-silver-lining mood lately. a few notes: the rilo kiley song is about elliot smith's death. th …
CD | Theme
i made this for my friend zak. all of the songs are either references to things we have jokes about or things i want him to know. that's the hardest kind of mix to make, i think, because there are thin …

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CD | Theme
i wish i caould "borrow" this.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
man, i wish i had a copy of this!
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
almost makes me wish i was in love...

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