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CD | Mixed Genre
my latest mix. this is a slightly darker one. the arcade fire track is the first official single from their upcoming album "neon bible." to hear preview another new track from it, go to my website www. …
CD | Mixed Genre
i am in the midst of an odd hermit/hibernation stage and i made this mix to soundtrack my melancholy-with-a-silver-lining mood lately. a few notes: the rilo kiley song is about elliot smith's death. th …
CD | Theme
i made this for my friend zak. all of the songs are either references to things we have jokes about or things i want him to know. that's the hardest kind of mix to make, i think, because there are thin …
CD | Mixed Genre
i made this for a cute boy who likes country music. i picked some older, twangier stuff and i think he's going to love it. if he doesn't i am taking it back, dammit.
CD | Mixed Genre
a little something cheerful that i pulled together this afternoon in an effort to raise my serotonin levels as it gets greyer outside. it worked like a charm.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
this is my beloved autumn mix for 2002 - all the songs which make me go through withdrawals if i don't hear them at least once a day finally compiled on one cd. i've been alternating between listening  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
well, this is the mix i made for young rob conroy and it will go into the mail tomorrow. digital tippex is one of my favourite songs ever so i'm looking forward to getting his reaction on it if he hasn …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
this is a tape for myself that i finished last night, just random songs that i really like right now. i think it has a nice up-and-down hilly kind of flow to it. i admit that some of these are my stapl …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a tape i made for a friend - side a (fictions) is supposed to be the wistful side and side b (fucking addictions) is the darker side...for the moodier ones of us, i guess. the title is from the okkervi …