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I made this mix as part of a gift for some friends of mine that are getting married this weekend. I made him a Johnny Cash mix, but wasn't sure what to make for her. So I thought some strong female voi …
Cassette | Theme
Actually a CD - Obviously songs under 2:00. Inspired by (ripped off from) others I've seen here. This was the most work I've ever put into a mix. I wish I could have mixed up the genres a little more,  …
CD | Single Artist
I made this mix from the Cash box set "Unearthed" as part of a wedding gift for my friend that's getting married in a week. I posted it to post the cover (hopefully) because its the first I've made - I …
CD | Pop
More early-mid 90s nostalgia. Just some alt/poppy tunes to keep me going. How 'bout it?
CD | Pop
I've been making a lot of mixes with newer music lately so I thought I'd pay tribute to the roots of rock n roll. So be true to your school. take it easy.
CD | Pop
Another rock mix.
CD | Pop
90s nostalgia and 21st century technology. Title inspired by the fact that I've seen Fade Into You on a lot of mixes here and I've remembered how much I enjoy that song, but I didn't own it. So I downl …
CD | Pop
A mix of some old & some new. Does it rock?
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for my brother. It might be a little heavy for his tastes but I owe him a couple of mixes. We listen to a lot of the same stuff, but I think these are some bands that he hasn't heard much of exce …
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