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Cassette | Theme
me: "hi, my name is kelsey." him: "hello. i think my feelings for you would best be expressed by a yo la tengo song." me: "are you gay?" him: "let's make out." me: "okay." (he looks like elvis costello …
CD | Theme - Narrative
had a narrative; lost it.
Cassette | Theme
the same old frankenstein, with a funk theme. doesn't flow, of course not. who cares. if this doesn't get your electrically reanimated cadaver ass moving, nothing will.
CD | Pop
made for a diggable boy as an 18th birthday present, with the only background information about his taste in music being that he likes brmc a lot. judging from the save ferris shirt he wore today, i ma …
CD | Mixed Genre
it's never hot in san francisco; the recent heat wave + birthday present of a cd burner warranted celebration.