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CD | Mixed Genre
4 songs in just about 20 minutes. i edited them so they all blend together and it's quite an awesome listen. it would probably be just as good with only the first three songs, but nevertheless, i think …
CD | Mixed Genre
i was at the flaming lips website last week and i listened to the song "it's summertime" from their new album. i was inspired to make my yearly summer mix, and i would start it with that song and call  …
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
i was trying to make a mix of songs that all have a sort of coutryish vibe or element to them. the peddle steel in the b&s song, the hop-along rythm of the papa m song, etc... it did not really work ou …
Cassette | Single Artist
I simply wanted to show off how cool I am because I have this CD of demos and unreleased stuff that I know for a FACT nobody else has (outside of the band).
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
This is a mix I made for a friend at my work. I wash dishes at a restaurant and control the music in the kitchen, so we only listen to what I want, and over the course of the summer one of the cooks ha …