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Last Year's Girl's first ever Christmas mix! Up for download, at least for the next couple of weeks, from the blog.
CD | Pop
I was late for Claire's leaving do because I was too busy making her this. I know what's on her ipod, see, as I set it up, so I know she needs the help...
CD | Pop
This is inspired by a lot of things, but mostly by the impact one song can have on you when you're a little lonely and forlorn by the baggage reclaim. It should be up for download on my blog tomorrow.
CD | Pop
Quite possibly the most depressing birthday mix ever made (for the Bezzer), but... it's all stuff I know she'll love!
CD | Pop
For my Valentine: a bottle of Jack Daniels and a mix CD which isn't particularly romantic.
CD | Mixed Genre
A quarter-century birthday mix for the INDIE = DEATH brigade. Roberta thinks all of my music consists of whiny boys with acoustic guitars - and yet she still asked for a birthday CD! "Are you tired, ba …
CD | Pop
For Rick.
CD | Pop
Kaite still gets birthday mixes because Kaite NAGS.
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Both this mix and its partner will be up for download from my blog - - until the end of January (in about an hour or so).
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