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CD | Mixed Genre
Perhaps a misleading title, but this is just a little mix I made for my subway commute to school. (PS Basia Bulat is a girl with whom I used to go to school. She' …
CD | Mixed Genre
no particular theme... just a mix of what I've been listening to recently
CD | Mixed Genre
the aural equivalent of getting stuck on that spinning teacup ride at Disney World, only with less vomiting; 80 minutes of repeated sounds and sustained drones. i have a soft spot for this kind of stuf …
CD | Theme
just a 60s cd I made to listen to on the way to school
CD | Theme
A mix with songs that either feature the famous drum riff from "Be My Baby" or have an obvious reference to it.
CD | Mixed Genre
nothing too special... just some songs i've been listening to recently
CD | Theme
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
part 3 in a growing series...
CD | Theme
Tarantino soundtracks are always something to look forward to, so I've taken the liberty of jumping the gun. It combines all his usual references such as 60s westerns, obscure cover versions, 70s blaxp …
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