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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
something simple yet schizophrenic to keep me occupied between classes and to trade with a few people. Title from my favorite line of that horrifically catchy song I'm Not Okay, which I like despite al …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
This mix is brought to you by the user Moody (for the Sarah Harmer song), the money-guzzler iTunes, the prospect of seeing Robert Sledge in person... and by Viewers Like You. Ben Folds's twins' college …
Cassette | Single Artist
After years of hearing my constant mentions of a certain bespeckled piano man, a few friends asked me to make them Ben Folds mix CDs. Three months later, I can finally honor their requests. This is by  …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a soundtrack for my second semester at college. Unlike the first one, which was simply music that entertained me at the time, this is more of a reflection of my mental state this winter. An emo …
CD | Mixed Genre
The holidays aren't such a peachy time for some people, myself included. I made this kitchen sink mashup of old favorites and guilty pleasures before the winter break to cheer myself up when the carols …
CD | Single Artist
Once upon a time, I let my grandmother listen to Still Fighting It because she wanted to hear "that Folds fellow you go on about." Since then she's asked me to make her a CD of songs I think she'd like …
CD | Theme
A trade for a few AOTM'ers that will also come in handy when my roommate feels the need to crank Bing Crosby.
CD | Mixed Genre
Another mix for William, who inflated my already dangerously high ego by proclaiming me "Queen of the Mix CDs" This one's a little more wacky and upbeat than the last. The title's from Hedwig and the A …
CD | Mixed Genre
Constantly used songs, songs used on a recent mix, repeated artists (technically with the Beatles/John Lennon)?! How many mix rules am I willing to break for my groovy new friend William? Quite a few,  …