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Playlist | Mixed Genre
This is a bit of a memory-lane mix, coupled with new stuff that I thought would compliment the three or four tunes around which the mix was built. This is my first mix in a fistful of years here, after …
CD | Mixed Genre
Thanks for playing!
CD | Jazz
As these tracks and players suggest, much was going on in 1959, arguably one of jazz history's most fertile years. The impetus for this mix came from reading Ashley Kahn's scant but informative telling …
CD | Jazz
I've been revisiting my Jackie McLean discs of late, with pleasing results. This is a Blue Note best-of, and while not complete, I think it's pretty representative for anyone interested in his 60s outp …
CD | Jazz
My first jazz mix in quite a while. All chuggernauting, big band swing.
CD | Country
This is the offshoot of an alternating DJ double mix I did with fellow mixer lanhamyodel (I'd link to them if I knew how, but check them out via his handle!). There are some repeat players here, but th …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
This was another experiment in mixing, and has to be heard to be understood. The attempt was to evoke a kind of warped, (David) Lynchian, rusty razor blades and tequila feel. I put it under "road trip" …
CD | World
A mix of African blues, from various parts of that continent, with Otha Turner rounding it out to illustrate the continuum of influence of this music in North America. Whether this is blues in its "tru …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix made with a couple of fellow mixers in mind.
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