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CD | Mixed Genre
Not really an elegy and not quite a paean - somewhere in between, I guess. New Orleans is a city that's existed - in a rather rose-coloured, mythic sort of way - solely in my imagination, as the birthp …
CD | Mixed Genre
A que-sera-sera jumble of styles built around the "just for the hell of it principle," whereby "I've got nothing better to do" gets substituted with, "Why not make a mix, Eddie?" You know how it goes,  …
CD | Jazz
My first mix in quite a while, it seems. This is all solo piano stuff, of the late-night, Moroccan gin-joint variety (hence the clip to start things off).
CD | Country
CD | Singer/Songwriter
Folk/pop, I guess. Sad and lovely songs befitting my mood of late.
CD | Jazz
A continued revision of a mix I started last year under my other moniker. "Pop" is loosely defined, obviously, as there's a country tune and a folk/pop song covered. Two Prince covers, but I make no ap …
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix was for James Jackson, but as he's turned out to be a horrible trading partner, I'm now retracting the dedication. Who was to know? Not I.
CD | World
A multi-cultural musical stew made from both originators and borrowers.
CD | Jazz
Okay, THIS is it. I know I promised the end to this Latin-jazz series in the notes to the last volume, but these stragglers warranted their own mix. With the exception, perhaps, of 8, this is a party m …
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