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cardigan smiles float into polaroid cameras
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a little tape label that is wonderfully tasty

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
for my best friend in the entire world, nick neary. who i adore and abhor at times. for the boy who makes my heart skip beats. for things that i'm supposed to ignore. for saying things with songs that  …
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
this is for scott while he drives around for hours a day for his job. an introduction to what my fall to "saddle creek" music did to me ... something that i got a lot of shit for at the time. the songs …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
she sent me a copy of burst and bloom and clouded my head with all of my old KRNU favorites. this tape is why this girl amazes me.

lux lisbon12's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
a beautiful mix. the title is gorgeous and it must be a gorgeous song. thanks rob!
CD | Mixed Genre
this is miraculous. treefingers made it for me, but that dirty three song is irresitable. so wonderful. this girl gets my tipping of the hat
Cassette | Single Artist
i adore the song "the boy" and for that you made my favorites list. in addition to this being a stellar pumpkins tape. i wouldn't have selected that title because it only takes away from the charm of t …

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