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CD | Mixed Genre
this mix is my freshmen year at college. i discovered all these wonderful bands thanks to new friends, great concerts, and awesomely fun nights. i wouldn't trade anything in the world for this past yea …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
a themed mix if i ever saw one. this is the soundtrack to my 6th grade year where every friday night was spent at the local skating rink having some of the best times i can remember. here's to those ni …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
as i was back home from college for winter break i came across some of my old mixtapes i had made before i joined this site. i was pleasantly surprised at this one which i have dated as making on 3-15- …
CD | Theme - Romantic
these songs were chosen meticulously because of their lyrics to express to my boyfriend how much he means to me. will be given to him on x-mas day with many accompanying kisses.
CD | Electronic - Ambient
this mix has its ambient, triphop, and strange vibes all in one. languid at times, but pumping at others. this one is a really great lounge mix.
CD | Pop
an 80's mix ..could you guess it to be anything else? :) but actually this is the first 80's mix i've ever made. of course included are the most popular songs of the decade, because well, i like them,  …
CD | Single Artist
of course, all a matter of opinion as to which songs belong on here, but all of these are my personal favorites by modest mouse, and make a great little driving mix when combined together. will be used …
CD | Theme
this is a different kind of mix for me ..i made this for a stranger i found at who said her 3 favorite movies were of course, requiem for a dream, donnie darko, and amelie, and her favori …
CD | Dance - House
volume four of four entailing some of my most recent favored electronica. this ones the slowest of them all, but still exerts its presence with a mixture of forceful and elegant tones. title from the c …
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