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CD | Mixed Genre
a mix made for my friend damon to accompany his late-night driving destruction.
CD | Electronic - Industrial
made for my very special gerald. this one i really like ..all filled with it's electronic industrial beats.
CD | Theme - Sleep
a little downtempo mix i made featuring some great bands i spotted at not even intended to be a sleep mix orginally but i've come to find this super to take a nice long bath with. just make su …
CD | Mixed Genre
made as a thank you present to a good friend who bought me this excellent stargate sg-1 clock from ebay. i'm such a nerd. anyway, he loves nine inch nails and trent reznor, and once told me he was goin …
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
ok, so the same basic artists are repeated a few times, but this was made for my car. took tracks i thought would be nice to drive to. title from pinback's track 'shag'.
CD | Mixed Genre
with my new snazzy dsl internet connection i just had to make this mix. you know, in celebration and stuff. title from the great pavement track.
CD | Mixed Genre
another trip-hopish type mix. title comes from the dj shadow track.
CD | Mixed Genre
made for an ex-friends birthday because i felt like we left a lot unsaid when breaking our ties. i included a few titles which had implied meanings, and the others were just songs that i thought she wo …
CD | Mixed Genre
what is beautiful. to me.