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I am pretty sure that I made this tape for an ex-boyfriend, Dany, and then made a copy for our mutual friend Jenny Ng. This would have been sometime in 1999?
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i think the relationship that paul and i have can be explained by the phrase 'happy coincidence', since a number of these contributed to us re-meeting/dating. the title of this mix explains the theme.  …
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so...i dated this guy who wasn't entirely honest with me about a lot of things, namely the fact that not only did he do drugs, but he does a pretty hard one, as well as the fact that he was in love wit …

madflowr's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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this just seems like a great summer time pop mix. i'd love to get ahold of this sometime, since there are plenty of bands on here i've only heard a couple of songs by.

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