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I recently saw Over The Rhine twice in one day and not only was thrilled with the show but was overjoyed to realize that they must love Tom Waits as much as I do. No less than three songs from their la …
CD | Single Artist
Abigail Washburn is my latest obssession. I know, you all are saying, "Mahdishain you are so fickle. What happened to Amy and Laura and Jennifer and Melissa, and that's just this year. What about Joni  …
CD | Single Artist
Just when I thought life could not get any better, Tom Waits is coming to Knoxville and I have tickets. I am taking my son, who obviously has the best father in the universe. To celebrate I made this m …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
Another edition of what's happening at my favorite free concert series WDVX's Blue Plate Special, weekdays at noon in downtown Knoxville and streamed on the internet at WDVX.COM . I haven't got cd's fo …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
The Jukebox in my head is playing nonstop tonight but for once I know why it is playing the songs it is playing. It's Hemizen's birthday and the jukebox is playing a tribute to our youth. It's mixing g …
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
First he took a month and a half off for Lent. Since his return he's been working on a bunch of beautiful tribute mixes. I miss the plate of greasy tacos and a bucket of beer mixes he used to churn out …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
Fooled you. I don't have all these songs so don't ask for a copy. This is somewhere between a lark and an April Fool's Joke. About half come from my collection and half from fools songs that looked lik …
CD | Theme
Fashion for those who are too busy mixing to notice. You know, those of us who are lucky to remember their pants. I am not even positive about the title of the Chet Atkins opener but it is too good to  …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
When I was a young man I went to concerts frequently. Aerosmith, REO Speedwagon, J. Geils Band, Bachman Turner Overdrive dominated my high school years. Yes, Kiss was my very first concert. In my twent …
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