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Angelica (The UK Band)

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It's a bit odvious, I know,but it works, and it rocks, and it's angry which is what I was going for. I'm a real fan of the new Snow Patrol album, and I just love "Wow" off of it; plus their cover of "C …
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13 - November 1999. Really hard to believe this is four years old now (!) and it did originally have Melanie C doing Ga Ga on it, just after Tori, but it got removed. One of the best singles of '99 on  …
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14 - February 2000. Named after a Pixies Track - This was the first one I did designed to fit on a CD, although it was originally on a Minidisc. It has my favourite single to date on it, "Don't Falter" …

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by Amy Y.
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