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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
something that should have been given today...
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
yeah, it's all over the place. the result of pinot grigio, marlboro ultra lights, PMS, bipolar meds and antidepressants. FUN FUN FUN!
CD | Theme
i'm sure most of these HAVE already been on a WB show. i'm guessing, because i haven't watched the OC (is that a WB show?), summerhouse or whatever it's know what i mean. i'm from the daws …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
i don't know. i'm feeling a bit cranky and bitter. the vodka doesn't help either.
CD | Theme
unrequited love. uncertainty. loss. longing. being on the edge of love, or too deep in it.
Cassette | Theme
wow. dug this one out of the archives. made summer 1996. the summer i turned 21. hence the title. hence some of the...odd song choices. "me and jenn" is a recording of a performance my friend and i did …
CD | Theme - Depression
just. *sigh* songs that pretty much sum up what i'm feeling. songs i'm currently obsessed with. yes, i meant to put the gavin song on twice (one is a live version).
CD | Single Artist
some random, some live, some covers. howie recently got into a bit of trouble with the law b/c of a supposed "incident" on his tour bus - so there's been an ongoing "FREE HOWIE" joke/movement. *sigh* i …