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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Bands I've discovered on myspace all with less than 150,000 plays (per band, even less per song) when I found them (many with less than 50,000). Presently the mix is incomplete - both in track list and …
CD | Theme
The third volume in my "A Wall of Pet Sounds" series. As with past volumes of AWoPS, this one owes a debt a gratitude to Moe's "Pet Soundalikes" series...three of four songs overlap but I am most indeb …
CD | Theme
A mix in progress. Final order and tracklist to post later. All songs related to Cincinnati (artist hometown, topic of song, etc.). Email suggestions for volume 2!

mypetsounds's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by Moe
CD | Theme
Vol. 3!!!
by Moe
CD | Theme
Vol. 2!
by Moe
CD | Mixed Genre
Fantastic Brian Wilson/Beach Boys soundalike mix!

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