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noiseboy's Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
I love this one. . . great funky flow that worked great takin' the 7 train into Manhattan. . . and Sundown had me smilin' every damn time. . .
by Candra
CD | Electronic
I gushed over this mix for a while. . . so many classics laid down in such a fun order, and it really comes together around "Cowgirl" (one of my all-time jumpupanddownlikeafool tunes. . .) and YES, "Battleflag" is classic. . .
CD | Mixed Genre
yes, it's mine. deal with it. this is one of those mixes that perfectly encapsulates a period of time in my life. . . one of those mixes that's gonna make me breakdown into fits of tears and laughter when i hear it. . .
Cassette | Pop
ever have those friends who weren't really CLOSE friends, but friendly acquaintences who relate through some common focal point (ie - SNL skit, odd tastes, same ex)?? or that uncle who sat in the corner during family parties and smoked pot and didn't say much, but when he did, it was always worth listening to?? that's how i feel about this and many other mixes. . . CASETTA scares me in ways i never knew possible. . . and i thank you for it. . . ;)