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CD | Mixed Genre
As the inclusion of a 13 and a half minute long piece by Alvin Lucier would probably give away, this one, unlike the last couple of mixes I posted, was not made for my mother. In fact, it wasn't made f …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Companion mix to the last one I posted - another one for my mother (part of her birthday present last week), and thus another unusually catchy affair for a mix of mine. The Sinatra track was shamelessl …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
A mix I made for my mother. I'd been meaning to make a mix for her birthday (coming up in a bit less than a month), but somehow that turned into two mixes, and one of them took a shape that seemed suff …
CD | Theme
For my friend and soon-to-be almost neighbour (can you refer to someone as your neighbour if they don't even live in the same country? well, alright then.) Maria, who was nice enough to give me shelter …
CD | Theme
A theme mix in a vague sense of the word - lyrical references to winter and cold and mittens and winter clothes do appear on a bunch of these songs, but mostly it's a laid-back mix to listen to while d …
CD | Mixed Genre
My end of a mix trade with someone about whose tastes in music I know basically nothing. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out, although it can be said to be a little sedate.
CD | Country
Filed under "country", because it didn't make much sense to file this under the same category as most of my mixed genre mixes, although clearly, some of this would belong under "blues" or "folk" or "wh …
CD | Mixed Genre
First mix I've made in quite a while. Lessons learned: 1. This is not like cycling; you (or least I) do forget how it works. Still, I think (hope) the result is not too embarrassing. In fact, I rather  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Originally, I wanted to call this mix "Cactus Dances to the Radio" (after the William Parker track), but that would have been rather inappropriate for the second half of this mix, which is, um, not ver …
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