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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
My alternating DJ collaboration with the venerable Mr. Rob Conroy, who patiently waited for me to make good on my promises to 'bring on the noise' until he finally gave up and just did it himself. Rob  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Yet another folk/drone/"whatever, really" mix, because apparently, I haven't made enough of those already? The political propaganda contained in my previous efforts has inadvertently and much to my own …
CD | Single Artist
For a friend who asked for an introduction to Radian after hearing one of their tracks (Vertigo) on one of my mixes. Since I fear that this will be met with some blank stares, it'd probably good to try …
CD | Theme
The accompanying mix CD to a book that my brother and I bought as a birthday present for my father, a collection of short crime stories taking place in the garden combined with gardening tips (yeah, ye …
CD | Theme - Narrative
Not so much a mix CD as a terrible, if elaborate, literary joke that just happens to take the shape of a mini-CD (the 8cm kind). Well, what can I say - Jean-Yves must have known what he put himself up  …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
This one kind of documents my current obsession with finger-picked guitars. Which is not to say that all of these songs are necessarily finger-picked. Or, if they are, that the instrument being picked  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Proof that I am 7 years old, approximately. I finally got my Christmas present yesterday (two marble run construction sets), and here's the soundtrack for playing with it. A toys/kids theme runs throug …
CD | Pop
An offshoot from another mix I was working on. I tried slipping that ridiculously catchy Boris & the Saltlicks song on the other mix, in spite of the fact that it had absolutely no business on there ac …
CD | Mixed Genre
I have to admit I'm feeling a bit self-conscious about putting up a mix starting with political sloganeering so soon after the last one, but if I absolutely have to be remembered as the person who kick …
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